Jul 28 2008

About Us

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This site is English language Hotel information run by I-will.co.jp

I-will.co.jp has long been a hotel informational web site for Japanese travelers going overseas. Recently, many of foreign travelers also use us and requests from them are a lot asking for English information not only for world travel but for travels in Japan. Actually Japan is becoming more and more a world travelers’ desitination today, and demand for Japanese travel information is also growing bigger.

We decided to start informing Japan with hotel, tour, and all kind of Japanese cultural information to incoming travelers to Japan. Our reccommendation in travel choice is carefully selected based on the experience or reports by users. We try to inform the best information to travelers. Best infomation does not mean only one information. Travel choice often needs comparison. In this site, we suggest a few top class choices in each category. But in any case, the safe and good service is the most important. We care about safety, good price, and variety of information.

Please use our site for your travel plan making.

Hotel Reservation and Cancelation

We are not the reservation company but we supply tour information for better travels. Some of the reccommended hotel & tour reservation sites are very useful and reliable as it’s proved by experience of lots of past users. When you make reservations on Hotels or Tours through the reccommended web sites, they issue digital documents of confirmed reservations. Please keep them by printing out from web page or email sent from the booking agents. That will be important for checking in or for cancelation of reservations. For cancelation or any questions, please ask directly to the booking agents on the web sites. Each web site of the booking agents has the email address or phone number for questions or cancelation shown on the web page.

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