Jul 16 2008

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Japanese Hotels could easily be booked through online reservation systems. List of reservation sites here is selected by reputation and popularity of Japan travelers who used online reservations. For western style hotels especially in city area, HotelClub is recognized as the most reliable and smooth booking sites for all the travelers. But occassionaly they have less numbers of Japanese traditional accommodations called Onsen or Ryokan ( Please see the NOTE at the bottom ) or smaller hotels. For that purpose, we reccommend you try the Japanese large online reservation system, Rakuten, etc.. Japanese oriented hotel booking system natually have much numbers of hotels and detailed types of hotels. Have a nice trip to Japan !


For using the best hotel finder, we suggest the following online reservation
system. They have good service also in English and hotel explanation is

Try this quick search for price comparison !

(1)For Urban and City Hotels; HotelClub (World hotels by Hotel Club)

HotelClub is worldwidely wellknown and top ranked reliable hotel booking system. Users’ satisfaction is alway high level also on Japanese hotel reservations. You can enjoy big discount rate with his reservation site. HotelClub is reputated highly because it’s trouble-free reservation and high discount rate.

(2)For all kinds of hotels in Japan; JAPANiCAN.com

JAPANiCAN.com is a very established Japanese hotel and Japan tour reservation web site for incoming travelers to Japan. This site is very useful with a lot of information about Japan as a tour destination and it explains well about accommodation types and tour types. Japan has many different customs from other coutires, then you will find this site information helps you very much not only for hotel or tour bookings but for understanding Japanese. Especially for hotel reservarions, this site offers reservations through largest travel agent’s hotel deals. This is a very reliable booking site and often cheapest rate is available.

(3)For all kinds of hotels in Japan; Rakuten Travel


Rakuten Travel is one of the largest online travel and hotel reservation site in Japan. They gives you all kinds of accommodation information through the reservation site. Westrern style hotels and Japanese style hotels including Onsen Ryokan are all listed here with big discount rate.

Note for Japanese Hotel Reservation

Japanese hotels consist of some types such as Hotels, Business Hotels, Resort Hotels, Onsen, Ryokan, B&B like private house accomodation, or Youth Hostels. If you are not familier with Japanese type Ryokan, maybe you should choose standard Hotels or Business Hotels, which offers western service style. Japanese Ryokan or Onsen type Ryokan is totally different, they don’t have beds in rooms and you need to put Japanese Futon or mattress on the tatami floor or straw floor when you sleep. Foods are often supplied in Ryokan at dinner and breakfast but they are mostly Japanese style. Bath is often equipped inside the room but sometimes ( maybe alway in Onsen Ryokans ) you need to take a bath at public bath place inside Ryokan Hotel facilities.

Onsen is Hotsprings. Onsen Ryokan is a type of accomodation with hotsprings. This type is a little expensive usually because it’s a kid of resort type hotel of Japan, but as above mentioned, this type is not western type hotel. You will experience Futon sleeping and big public bath taking at Onsen Ryokan. Be careful, in Japanese public baths, you don’t wear swimming suits. You need to be naked for taking baths. If you don’t like it, you should take a western style hotel with room bath.

Enjoy Japanese Hotels and Tours !!

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