Oct 30 2008

Henry Kapono, Hawaiian Musician

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In Hawaii, there are some great musicians.
For fans, it’s always hard to see the stars but in Hawaii, we often see them passing us by. They often play music at some good live music restaurants and it’s not hard to have good time with fine dish and good music by those musicians.

I often saw Henry Kapono’s live stage in Hawaii. He sometimes plays at Waikiki Hotels and he has ( or used to have ) his own live music restraurant called Kapono’s in Aloha Tower Shopping placce.

He is really a super star in Hawaii.
But when I talked with him, he was very friendly although the carisma of his presence was strong enough for me. That’s Hawaii’s naturality. People are always natural, and life style is always with comfort of mind.

If you visit Hawaii, seeing concerts or seeing some local Hawaiians will be a great experience to know the real Hawaii.

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