Oct 29 2008

King Street of Honolulu, Hawaii

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I like Hawaiian dinig very much.
Many restaurants give us fine dish and level of them are very high compared to other cities in America. Also San Francisco is said to be the good gourmet city but I love Hawaii more than that.

If you drive in Honolulu and if you want to taste local good restaurants, I suggest that you go to King Street of Honolulu. Along the street, there are many new and old restaurants. Many of them are really nice.

Probably you will be visiting this area if you know more about Hawaii because the real nice taste can be given around this area in Hawaii, and local people also know that.

In Hawaii, Japanese, Chinese, and Pacific Rim are the main 3 popular dish .
Pacific Rim is a kind of fusion of Pacific countries of Japan, China, Polynesian countries, USA, and some more. This is very unique because it gathers all of the variations of foods and cooking ways in Pacific Countries.

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